I wrote a Book for everyone!
It is an advocate for psychic mediumship in this Millennium!
A guide to conversations from beyond.

Living with Messages from HeavenLife is crazy and there are so many reasons to attach to and seek out the advice of an intuitive, Here is a Guide For You! This book is printed by Balboa Press which is an affiliate of Hay House Publishing and my book can be downloaded or purchased directly from them!

Living with Messages from Heaven: A Guide to Conversations with the Beyond will enlighten you while awakening your soul’s connection to the beyond.

Psychic Mediums in today’s millennium connect to this channel of information through their own uniquely developed skills of intuition. People who work in this profession have a need for ethics and must be aware of the grand responsibility connected to this work.

You will learn the parameters of this work as a ‘job’; what a Psychic Medium can do for you; and how to go about matching up with someone who is ethically and divinely connected.

When you become aware of your spiritual development, finding someone to help you tap into that intuition is a blessing. Manifest now into your life a positive outlook with a greater sense of understanding. Use this guide as a resource to Modern Day Psychic Mediumship.

Your Author Rebecca Anne LoCicero

"Great book, I've read it a few times and I always feel so much better spiritually after, it tends to give me what I need at that time  and I actually keep it out on my table and automatically smile & think of my mom  whenever I see it <3"

-Facebook Testimonial