Topic of discussion: There is no time in Heaven.  As a medium I tell people that they have their loved one’s souls with them all the time.  It is like a window; it is beyond signs like pennies and cardinals.  It is the motion of soul electricity connected to the very brainwaves you have that are also connected to your soul.  That soul-to-soul connection is like a memory that runs without time.  It is connected to instantaneous love and understanding within the divine, soul, and the confined, the body.

There is no time outside of the Body. Spirit, your Soul, does not feel time.

Soul is outside of and around time.  Time is something that our soul is not interconnected with. 

Our Body is the timekeeper.  The brain is not just the one that controls the entire aspects of the spirit.  The body tells the mind, and the brain helps the body.  Time is the aging, the moments’ the hurry and the pause.  Time is the space that the mind uses as an illusional calculator to decide how the brain is to tell the spinal cord and nervous system what to do, and when.

How do your loved ones in soul have this perfect timing way of presenting to you the signs that you need when you need them?  I often say that it is the soul that is with you, when you are thinking of them as they seem to link to that love and brainwave.  There is no time for the soul, they do not see or move within the time spectrum.  It is not that they already know what is going to happen or come, they can just approach it with a much different and fuller perspective.  Truthful.

Rebecca Anne LoCicero copyright (c) 2023