Saying Good-Bye to The Beyond Center 1.0,

Welcoming The Beyond Center Virtual 1.5,

Looking forward to The Beyond Center 2.0! <where I will be live on facebook and post all events <my official website <the center’s website to come, under construction :)

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Sometimes you are looking at your life in one direction and then something happens that puts you in the other direction.  In that swift turn of events, you also feel your life turning and shifting.

Change?  Oh, that is not the easiest thing to do, however usually change can be and will be and Should be…. Good.  The Beyond Center is Changing. thebeyondcenter

Prior to being located in Vernon, The Beyond Holistic Center was located on East Center St., Manchester, CT where it was a rent and shared with hypnotist, (RIP), do you remember that?  I was not married yet, so over 20 years ago. Then I moved to the old Dr. Horn dentist office on the corner of Green Road and Woodbridge Street in Manchester, the blue house on the corner.   That was my first office alone, well, Nancy was there too for a while doing Reiki. There was a quick stint of time I was on Hartford Road too, in the holistic center there, in the back building.  That was ok, but I was very pregnant, that was 15 years ago. Then I found Vernon, 2009 and I LOVED IT… I want to thank the people who brought me to these amazing locations, the people who kept me there and those who have supported me beyond words from 2002 to 2021.  You know who you are, and you know I LOVE YOU!

It has been a whirlwind of experiences at the rented space in the basement of that building in Vernon, CT.  When a friend of mine (Janine) and I walked down the hall (2009) to see the new space I was going to rent for us to work in, ‘spiritual work’, the person showing us the space started talking about the space was just the home to a church.  Of course, it was!  God is great.

From that moment the Messages from Heaven ™ gallery began, the readings and healings were booked, the Psychic & Beyond EXPO was born and so much more!  Reader’s Days, visiting mediums, Tarot classes, meditation, singing bowls, tea leaf parties, Reiki classes and Reiki shares, Vision board group, private sessions, animal messages, physical mediumship, Awaken your intuition….  I know that at one point in time there was even a radio station on blog talk radio at The Beyond Center. Did you know that The Beyond Center was once on Better CT with Kara Sundlun. It was the winning Holistic Center by Readers of Natural Nutmeg for many years.  It was also a 3 year of Community center awards through Town of Vernon, CT. There have been so many experiences there that were offered to clients that I could not begin to list them all here.  But the memories are real.  The experience was profound, and I am truly happy and sad to move on.

I have been able to make some of the most amazing friends through the Beyond Center.  You all know you are close to my heart, in addition there have been some of you that have become family to me as well.  Know that even thought that space is no longer the ‘home’ to come to, where the vibes amazing and healing… it is not over.  That feeling is within you, and within me, and it will come together again.The Beyond Center, LLC - Home | Facebook

Then there is spirit, the coodie corner, the gallery of MFH and the rules.  There are the many many many testimonials of skeptical humans embracing the messages from loved ones in Heaven.  I think the one office supply I had to purchase the most of was tissue!  There were many more moments of amazing connections, weird situations, even spirit photography showing angels and ghosts during groups, there have been live mfh events on Facebook and through the beginning of the pandemic the Beyond Center continued to be a part of the lives of so many who needed the space. And I cannot express how important there were moments of healings, on the healing table, under my hands, virtually and in person, energy healings and Prayers, lots of prayer.  Amazing Miracles!

Why am I leaving? That is a simple question with a simple answer. The truth is that there have been a multitude of situations that seemed to be strange enough to inspire me to leave.  There were clients who rented other spaces in the building that were letting their dog piss on my car and that was just wrong.  I asked her if I could pet her dog, I am a dog lover, and she was there in a little sweater, at the elevator… and then the lady owner said “no, you do not have a mask on”…. Then for a few weeks… pee, I saw her let her beautiful dog to it too…. Karma!!!  THEN>…There is a Gypsy that moved in across the hall from me and I have a no compete clause, and she came in as a massage therapist, then became reiki, meditation, tarot, medium and now she sells candles and sprays.. if you know me, you know that is not my thing!!...… and then… the biggest reason of all… Mold.  It is a basement, and after being there so long my seed’ has soaked and is growing out of the roof.!  Apparently, God was trying to tell me something, and it took a lawn of mold to grow from the rug in the healing room for me to realize that I needed to Get Out! So, with quick and swift pursuit, I took the business out of the location to save it from becoming toxic.

This center is located on the ground level, and it is underground.  This made for a quiet, safe and solid home for all business to grow and flourish with the best vibrational space. If you know me and know the center well enough, you know that there are rooms that have been used to help new metaphysical business get off the ground.  I have offered those rooms to so many wonderful people who have take the opportunity to be mentored and inspired by the Beyond Center, and when they were there long enough to be able to move out on their own, they did.  I was the dirt for them to plant their seeds and when they grew to the roof, they were asked to leave so others could come in and plant seeds and grow.  I have had the pleasure of helping and meeting and watching many many grow!  And I am humbled and thankful for you all!  It is now my turn; my seeds are a Jack in the Beanstock now!  So let’s see what happens…

I am not sure the future of The Beyond Center 2.0 right now, I know that I am going to keep it going as a Virtual 1.5 (facebook) home lives to the spirit connection and afterlife communication that I am still going to do. I will post all that I will be doing on facebook, and my website too of course will be updated.  I am a psychic medium and the location that I do that work for my clients and peeps is not about the physical place but about the spiritual place that my heart and mind are when I am connecting to your peeps in heaven.

With compassion and an expression of joy of change coming and sadness for the grief moments that have been enlightened on your path to understanding that the afterlife is real through me… that I share that the physical office of The Beyond Center in Vernon, CT is closing.  It has been 19 years and on the day I move out will be the anniversary of when I moved in.  The month of October marks my 20th year of having an office called The Beyond Center and the 27th year of being in business. 

Please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and share with me ANY stories of what you have experienced at The Beyond Center.  I have so many that I would not know where to start.  I remember the man on the lifestar in the front row that was the one to see the sister’s brother who died who was sitting in the last row.  They did not know each other was there or coming, God brought that together.  Spirit is amazing.  I have had a man come through to the woman who hit and killed him by accident one the road, and let her know that it was ok, he was ok, and there was peace.  I have had the spirit of a baby to come show me vibrationally how happy she was to come to be alive in body.  I have been electrocuted, lifted off the floor, blinked in time, and spoken through.  I have felt every kind of death you can imagine without pain and only with validation of the illness or death, from losing my head to an accident on a motorcycle to falling through the ice as a kid and dying of hyperthermia. I have cried with widows, there is nothing sadder.  I have hugged mothers of children of all ages who have died from being hit in the morning by a drink driver while the child got the mail, dead on the front lawn, I have read others who have had to give birth and not take their babies home and mothers who have taken and cared for their children just to lose them before they were able to die, and with that grief I was balanced out by the profound amount of LOVE!  There is now way to measure the joy that I have felt through every message.  I have read mother’s who have crossed for their children, these mothers died from texting and driving.  I have even been able to connect with missing children!  One time I remember having a conversation with a man who was not dead, he was in a coma, and he did wake up! There is so much I remember.  I will remember singing songs that your heaven peeps wanted to sing with you, kissing and dancing, the hugs and the signs, so many signs.  Please please send me your memories too. The validation that came through to so many at The Beyond Center 1.0… has been a dream, a blessing and so much more.  Thank you again.

HEAVEN IS REAL AND MESSAGE COME AND LOVE IS WHERE THEY ARE… through me.. the beyond will find a new center.

Thank you all again.

Rebecca Anne LoCicero <where I will be live on facebook and post all events <my official website <the center’s website to come, under construction :)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. subject ‘testimonial’ to share your stories with me