5 quick answers about Signs as ‘Messages from Heaven’ ™

with Psychic Medium & Author Rebecca Anne LoCicero http://www.RebeccaAnneLoCicero.com

December © 2020

Navigating the meanings and purposes for recognizing ‘signs’

from our loved ones who have died.

1. What does it mean when we get a sign from heaven? It means one thing when we get the sign from our loved ones…. They love us. When someone in spirit wants to send us a sign, they know how to get our attention.  Most of us overthink it, however our loved ones were once in a human body and they know that we need a sign in a way that our senses would recognize.  These signs could have many meanings, a hello just to say hello, or a bit of guidance when it is needed, maybe just a moment to let you know they are with others too that you are trying to help, and they are with you on that.  In the end, it is just love... they want you to know that they are with you, and that they are ok, and that they are in heaven!  See, including dreams, ghosts, apparitions, dark shadows etc.  Smell, as in the scents that connected to them in life.  Smoke, roses, perfume, pie, musty, mechanical work, or home smells.  Sound, including music, bells, hearing their voice. Touch, to what you feel them near you, Symbols, butterfly/bugs, birds, hearts, stars, coins, numbers 777,11:11

2. How do we know who is sending the signs? We should Always go with our gut instinct ad first impression of who we think it is! And then also consider the symbol, was dad a coin collector? Was mom a lover of the same perfume? If you need to ask, then ask…’who sent this? Give me a sign to understand if this is grandmother then send me another sign’.

3. What is it they are telling us with each sign? It is not so much what they are telling us as it is what they are showing us…. The afterlife is real, and they are there in that amazing afterlife, a space where they can connect with you, us, in our timeline with a sign that they can project to us through miraculous means.

4. How do you validate a sign is from your loved one? Validation to Them~! Validate to your loved one that you got it! “hello, I got the dime today, I know it was you, thank you, love you” another way to increase is to use their name. Full name with vibrational purpose.  “Hello John Jane, it is my birthday today, I would love to have a sign from you, can you send me a hummingbird sighting!” and validate when you get it.

5. How can we increase the signs we receive? They say that if you look for a red truck and focus on finding them, even counting them as the day goes on that you will see more red trucks and feel it is more than the rest due to the mind focusing on and gathering the red trucks within focus. Think of that as the perfect way to receive as many signs as you can from your loved one, if it is a feather, and if you feel that you are focused on seeing the feathers a lot, then great!  How does that feel?  You are getting each sign, not missing one of the and being watched over by the loved one that sends the feathers…  I have had songs that are connected to a loved one come on again and again…  just go with the flow and enjoy it.  Do not, do not ever… never doubt they are there… and with us.


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