by Rebecca Anne LoCicero, with love (c) March 20th, 2020
Spirit is so amazing, and sometimes the words just flow through me to you, as I say that Holy Spirit Highway is like the free and amazing gateway to the Heavens.!
Here is today's short message. I will try to do some more of these live, as the channel when it comes is so beautiful.
However writing it is also easier to share with you, as automatic writing takes over.
Here it is: March 20, 2020 in the morning.
"Hello. Today’s message is on the forced vibration we are forced to hold and forced to be in. It’s about the force we feel as a human and the mirror reaction to it.
It’s about how to change that forced energy and redirect it to the earth.
Earth has power. Give it to her.
To ground. Like gravity. And change. From the inside out. Like we change
From the inside out too.