Hello, I posted a video on Facebook Live today and want you all to have access to the information that Spirit gave me.  Below is the info. :)

Enjoy the read.  the video is below.

Rebecca Anne LoCicero March 18th, 2020 (c)



Hello everyone, Psychic medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero here, host to Messages from Heaven ™ and owner of The Beyond Center in Vernon CT.

I thought about making a written post, but I am not sure it would have made it to as many of you as going live, so here I am!  I will be reading to what I was going to post because Live Rebecca is always more fun.  I will post all this info in comments below as well. And I Love you all!

Ok.  So you know I talk to the dead for a living, so to all those who know me, hello! And for those who do not, know that my heart is huge and my messages sincere.  I am a human having an experience and it is the same as yours.  My perspective being connected to spirit has given me the gifts to connect to many of you with healing messages and intuitive insight.


I have a few messages for you from Spirit.  And you know when spirit wants to get through, they do! 

Collectively your loved ones wanted to make sure you have some immediate information!

  1. Look for more signs from them to confirm they are with you. I know they are with me; I can feel them surrounding me with validation that they are there, love is real, and all is going to be ok. They are loving you and caring about all you are going through with your human emotional reactions to the worldwide situations.  They love you the most as always and will be sending you signs that you will notice more often to ensure you they are there.
  2. They say, Please, remove the energy of panic and fear. This time will pass and there is a path for everyone that is guided with human logic.  Be smart and be aware, take care in the ways you can and need to.  Be proactive on this path without that type of energy in your mind and body! Instead project how your life will soon be calm and stable once again. This will help keep you intuitively one stop ahead!
  3. Look out for the others that we love and care about, check in with those who are parts of our lives. This comes with compassion, have compassion and help where you can in addition to helping where you already are.  In times like these, compassion reaps the greatest instant karma.
  4. Have Faith. Have hope that everything will be ok, keep that inner soul light bright. Having faith at this time is to remove the ‘gloom and doom’ perspective and it is the hardest inner battle to ‘keep the faith’. There is always this or something better coming your way, that is a promise.



So I thought I would go live and let you know what my perspective is on the current state of our society at large.


I will start with a channeled prayer of thought for you from spirit.  I have not been able to work and connect and find that the connections are still there.  Your loved ones in Heaven are with all of us on this planet at this moment.

So I thought, ok if you are all here with me then tell me what the fuck is going on.  I mean really!  I want some insight to the worlds happenings. 


Spirit says to me,

“Gather your senses and become aware.  Gather your thoughts and use the human body you are within.  Look around at who is in your space, your neighborhoods and towns, the full city and then the entire state.  Then the states within your country and the Countries of the world.  We all have one thing in common with each other on a worldwide scale.  We all have a human body that can gather thoughts and look within.”


Please know that I believe there is always a reason for everything.  In the case of the Pandemic there are as many opinions and contradictions as there are races and religions.


So as a Psychic Medium, female American (Italian) single mom of 3 kids, self employeed, living in Connecticut, USA, here are my thoughts. On Coronavirus, Corvid-19.

#1 the news outlets suck!  They only get to tell us what they are allowed anyways but then where else do we get the facts?  Idk..


From what I have gathered, we are in the midst of a human health crisis.  That is true.  And I think we should take it seriously.  If this health crisis is the virus, that is something we will deal with, it seems to me that the health crisis is currently how we are dealing with the ramifications of a pandemic. Not the virus itself.  Toilet paper people? Wtf. Public asinine behavior is not going to help subside panicking individuals at this moment.  It is also being amplified to the point of panic in the news!  This crisis is a quickly spreading virus that in comparison does not kill as many or spread as fast as other illnesses and viruses out there…

or does it? … makes me wonder So.. is it worse than they are telling us… Or do they not know any more then they are telling us, possible the quick growth and unknowns are just that? 

Maybe there is no ‘they’ keeping this from us,

Or Maybe my conspiracy theory searching has showed me another few sides to the story from Mother Earth’s natural evolvement to save the planet to manipulated lab made vaccines for population control.  I have also read about Q verses The Deep State and I have learned about things like Fundamental Religious Armageddon to 5g wifi poisoning. I have read it all. It is a Rabbit Hole. Fear. Confusion. Panic. Irrationality. Anger with no direction, however everywhere I look online for information someone is finger pointing to someone else about who what and why someone else is at fault… all while I sit and read this I have my two children out of school for the rest of the year and two elderly parents who have been told to stay indoors at home for the next 4 months!


And in the end, I asked spirit again, What the Fuck?

Because I was told that God doesn’t give fear, that fear is human and not a part of the gifts.. God offers what is not fear… He gives Hope. and gives ability to have faith and rationalize love. 

So I sat back and Spirit says to me,

“If you just keep doing what we were already doing then changes will take place around you.

Use your eyes and see what is real as you are concrete, and facts are too. Use Your ears and listen for the vibrations of truth in all you hear.  Use your mouth to speak out loud, to react with a song of peace and understanding as well as compassion and rationalism. Use your hands to make positive progress in all you accomplish. And lastly use your breath, your smell, your imagination will thank you, your brain waves will swell with joy, you will feel the most amazing abilities to have inner peace when you take a breath, the breath of life, the breath to survive and the breath to live!”


So as a medium, who knows that our loved ones in Heaven are always hoping for use to have the best life we can in our Human Bodies, I know they are rooting for our health and safety!  I am 100% positive that anything they can do for us to be ok through this experience of Historical Precedence, they will do!  What would they say to you right now about all of this if they were here??  Do their comments make you laugh? Teach you something about what to do next?  Do you feel comforted knowing they are right there with you.?  It does for me.


Right Now as a psychic with a strong empathetic connection to all of you who are watching this that I LOVE…

I will make some suggestions to you of what I would do right now. 

  1. Were you already taking care of others in your family, then keep caring for them. Even in this time of ‘social distancing’ we still need to be touched! As a human being, touch heals us and keeps us thriving.  Pets are great too, if you do not have one, visit one or babysit someone’s dog/cat etc.!  Just ask them if you can, it is not the norm however neither is this time in our lives.
  2. Go outside, take the time to see and learn your immediate surroundings. Knock on your neighbor’s doors, get the earth ready and plant something, get some Vitamin D. Lot’s to do and being under the Sun and the Moon ? are important!
  3. Put some definition to your days. Make a schedule or mark a calendar so days don’t blur the days together. In times where your normal routines are disrupted it can trigger the ‘I don’t like change and rebellion energy’. This is especially true of the children in our worlds.  Having a calendar on the wall with something to look forward to that is ‘scheduled’ like ‘spaghetti night’ or ‘game night’.
  4. If you are spiritual or religious, meditate etc.. if you have a soul dedication in your life that is a ‘practice’ where you designate attention and time, do it! Do not stop connecting to the things that your soul desires and needs. You can use the word ‘adjust’.  You can adjust and still sustain that connection.  Your human body may not be able to sit in the same space you normally do to do your practice; however, your soul is already adjusting to move you where it needs to be.  Listen to your inner voice and adjust to that perfection.
  5. Eat. Drink Water. Move Your Body. Sleep. Repeat.
  6. Read something that is NOT online or on the phone, grab some paper. Ground yourself in a quiet place and find a book, magazine, newspaper, pamphlet, schoolbook, anything and read on purpose. Learn something!  Your brain will thrive on the expansion of your education, or the reminding and refreshing of the files of information you already retain!


Now, as the Rebecca Anne that most of you know.

Another list is:

  1. pack your to-go bags (bug out bags) for people and pets
  2. have a few weeks of stored food – water
  3. hand-written list of names/address/phone numbers
  4. supply of needed mediations or prescriptions
  5. listen carefully to the state rules/laws in place.
  6. social distancing is great. And wash hands.
  7. have cash on hand.


As for Questions about my work and availability will be answered on both my website, which is my name, http://www.rebeccaannelocicero.com , and here on Facebook.  I will be opening a subscription page soon for open mfh online. I Will Only be offering on-line private and group sessions via facebook video chat.  And Will accept payments through paypal.

Bookings will be made through email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I LOVE YOU ALL.. Be safe.  Don’t panic. Be love, share love, do love all love. And I will see you in person soon!