A Psychic & A Medium are NOT the same thing!

 written by Rebecca Anne LoCicero (c) 2020

That’s it, you have decided to get a reading, so you ask. Does anyone know a good psychic or medium? 

This is a loaded question that needs a lot more clarification so that you receive the reading that you are looking for.  When someone decides they are going to reach into the metaphysical realms to gain some guidance must first be very clear on what it is they are seeking through a ‘reader’.  For the purpose of sharing this information with you, I will refer to the one giving the reading as the ‘reader’ and the one receiving the reading as the ‘sitter’.

There is a distinct difference between a psychic and a medium. In addition, there are other kinds of channelers and intuitives that offer ‘readings’ that do not fall into the traditional definitions of a psychic or a medium.  Then there are those in the metaphysical profession who offer spiritual life guidance readings in the form of information they channel from angels or guides.  If you go even deeper into the options, there are numerology and astrology readings, aura and chakra readings, pendulum guidance, palm reading, past life readings and more.  There are many who use the title 'psychic medium' and do both, there are psychics who are not mediums and mediums do not do psychic readings. The most important confusion I want to clear up is the direct difference between a psychic & a medium because they are not the same thing!

A Medium.

Do you miss someone who has died?  Do you want to make contact with them?  Then you are looking to get a reading with a Medium!  A medium talks to the dead. A reading with a medium means the reader can communicate with entities that are unseen to the human eye and can give the sitter information that is otherwise unknown to the reader and yet true for the sitter. This means they receive information from the dead and give it to the living.  A medium is the middleman in the conversation between the sitter and the soul.  The messenger of sorts.  A common visual reference to this would be a theatrical ‘seance’.  That is a type of trance mediumship when a reader will let go of their body essence and energy to let the soul of your loved one possess them and speak through them, as a vessel.   A more commonly popular medium reader is one who shares messages through mental mediumship which means channels information from the soul of your departed loved one to the mind as a language to be interpreted mentally and then spoken and shared with the sitter.  These are messages through spirit communication in which the medium receives an interpretable vibrational communication from a discarnate soul and then shares that message with the sitter who has come to have the reading.   The goal for the reader is to offer direct and clear messages from the soul that are accurate and validating to the sitter.  Many people see out a medium because it is known that hearing from your loved ones who have died does bring the sitter a sense of healing, peace, understanding and validation.  

  • When contacting a medium to get a reading it is also important to ask them if they are a medium who talks to the dead. There are many in the metaphysical field who will call themselves a medium because they ‘channel spirit’ however they may not be mediums who connect to your loved ones for you.  Some who call themselves a medium often channel your angels or your guides, they may channel a specific entity or ascended master that gives them spiritual information for your life.  Make sure you do your research to know what the mediums focus, gifts and abilities are that they will be sharing with you as the sitter.


A Psychic.

Seeking some clarity? Do you want to find out what is going on in an area of your current life?  Are you curious to get validation on a topic in your life that seems to need clarity?  If you are looking for a reading to find out how things came to be and what may lay ahead in your life path, then you want a Psychic!  A psychic reader does not communicate with the dead.  A psychic is an intuitive that has the ability to read and interpret your human energy with direction and clarity.  They can perceive precise information about where you have been and where you are now without having previous knowledge of these truths from you.  With validation on those topic areas, the reader can then ‘see’ and then ‘predict’ the direction that your energy around those situations ‘may’ go.  Always remember that a psychic does not predict the future, you as the sitter always retain your free will and you can reject and change any directions foreseen by the psychic.  However, if you are seeking a psychic you are most likely looking for a reading to find out what future directions the reader can see for you on the topics you have specifically gone to the psychic for.  Topics that are attached to you, your energy and your life path here on earth incarnate, (i.e.: topics like relationships, work, money, home, family, children, etc.  If you want specific topics discussed, you can inquire and ask questions of the reader to focus on those areas directly.

  • When contacting a psychic, it is important to ask them how they receive the information they read from and for you. There are different ways readers gather and interpret the vibrations from you to answer your questions and to give you guidance.  Tarot cards of all kinds is the most popular.  Some use no tools, while others just use pen and paper to write notes and references for you to take with you.  You should be clear before you book your appointment with a psychic reader what tools they use, or which process they follow when using their intuitive gifts and abilities for the sitter. 


The most important clarification to focus on is if you want to talk to the dead, go to a medium.  If you want to receive some insight on your life path, go to a psychic.  Always research who you are going to see before you book.  Check reviews, ask for referrals from others who have been, reach out and ask questions on how they work.  If you get a good feeling about someone great!... if you do not get a good feeling about a reader, don’t go to them.  IF you find yourself at a session with a psychic or a medium that you do not feel comfortable with…leave!  A truthful and ethical reader will always do their best to read you accurately and with compassion.  You should never accept information from a reader who is telling you that you need to pay them more to take care of any situation.  Be aware of those type of ‘gypsy behaviors.  Psychics and Mediums are real people with amazing talents that are profoundly helpful and at times needed to improve your life, soul, path and heart.  Do your research and enjoy expanding your mind into the metaphysical realms.  LOVE!


Copyright © Rebecca Anne LoCicero 2020

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