Grief seen and spoken from the heart of a medium.  Taking a moment to share what they want us to know, how they feel for us and the truthful insight in the artwork of the spoken word.  I have come across many poems and hope this one is also shared.

thank you, Rebecca Anne LoCicero, psychic medium/author


It is my pleasure to share with you some magical words, a poem that connects to your soul.


                       Grief Through a Medium    (copyright 2019)

By: Julia Jette Smith


A soft breeze 

A familiar scent

The physical feeling of a touch so real

Yet no longer there

The emptiness and missing space

Is now more than ever before

Songs that trigger memories 

Pulling up your feelings 

To their extremities 

Please know that this is okay

And try to remember 

Me in a different way

Picture my smile 

As I look down upon you

Know that I am there 

Through rain and sunshine too

To take care of you 

With my wings either old or new

Know that I am holding you up 

And loving you close 

Through good days 

And bad bad times the most

Smile back at me 

When a feather crosses your path 

Laugh at our memories 

That will always last

And when the bird of my soul

Flies by you 

Just know that it’s me visiting you 

I warm you with my spirit 

Through the flame of the candle 

That you light for me 

And as you do 

Please try to set some of your grief free

Play our song 

And dance with me 

And release some of that energy 

For even though I am no longer on your plane 

My love for you will always remain the same 

So try to recall me in a positive light

Except your grief you don't need to fight

I’ll give you my hand 

Whenever I can 

Until i meet you again in another land

So know that the hole in your soul and your heart

Can still never keep you apart 

And everyday since I have left 

Is for you a beautiful new start


Copyright 2019



Julia Jette Smith is a 2nd generations psychic medium. She is naturally empathetic and intuitive. 

Julia offers mediumship readings, giving her clients the chance to connect with their loved ones who have passed on from this life.

Raised in a home with psychic awareness gave her the ability to be aware of spirit and energy throughout her whole life.

She reads with bold honesty and blunt information, expressing the personality and truths of the connections she makes between the "here and there."

She is a support link for those who are indigo children looking for clarity, parents of intuitive children and psychic kids.  Working nationally to bring an awareness to the reality that there are children who see more then we think, know more then we know and who have inspirations beyond the norm.

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