Mediumship is not within social status.

Your dead people don’t care about how much money you have or how popular you are.

I have been a medium reading for people around the world since 1994!  In the last 25 years I have been present in Europe and the United States reading all kinds of people.  Different races, religions, sexual identities, ages, social and financial status etc… and it is always the same. The time spend reading for my clients is always embraced in unconditional love.  Your loved ones in spirit do not care at all about how much money you have.  They don’t care what you wear, where you live, what you do for work and who your friends are.  They do want the best for you.  They care that you are being a good person, that you are happy and that you are embracing and giving love in your life both socially and personally.

I remember when I first started out that when I would travel to client’s homes for readings and groups that it was a wide variety of locations that would host me.  I have been places where I was scared to park and walk up into apartment buildings to read the people who hired me to come. Being in an inner-city neighborhood, on a 3rd floor, sitting in a small living room with chips in a snack bowl and dogs taking space on the couch.  Reading for a family group of 10 sitting on the floor and extra folding kitchen chairs around in a circle.  All the while I had a knowing that I was safe and that there was purpose, all spirit driven.  The connections and spirit communication came to me at that apartment for those clients from their loved ones in such profound loving ways.  With perfect healing love and accurate validation of who the loved ones where coming in, joy for the lives of the clients and a sense of watching over them profoundly and directly.

I once drove to an upstate New York mansion and did a gallery for a group of 10 women who were very primped in the best of clothes, with a catered lunch and a separate room set up for me to work in on an antique table.  They were people with a social status and some popularity and money to back up the lifestyle they presented.  Spirits came in to love them, express they were proud, watching over them, and with humbled validation the souls of their loved ones expressed how they love them so much.  Spirit communicated the validation of who they are and what they were like, sharing healing messages. In the end, the readings outcomes were the SAME in both locations!

In no way is a reading with spirit connected to your social status or financial standing, if you are a movie star or a waitress, a lawyer or a felon, a housewife or a mechanic you have loved ones in spirit who want to say hello to you.  You are being watched over no matter what.  Heaven does not have an opinion of where you are placed or placing yourself in society.  They are connecting with you for the higher picture.

Mediumship is for everyone and anyone who wants to hear from their loved ones in heaven. Anyone  can have that connection.  If it is through a medium, meditation or dreams and signs, they will do that same for you if you are at your lowest or at your highest.  Dead people don’t care about anything but LOVE!  It is important for you to realize that if you are living your life in truth then they are the proudest.  Pure soul does not lie, messages from heaven from them are always deeply rooted in truth and love.  They want the best for you.  If you are at your best, then they are cheering for you.  If you are not in the best place in your life at this time or that time… they are still with you!

Quick note about paying for a reading.  If you are rich, you can afford an expensive reading.  If you are humble in your finances, then you can either choose a less expensive medium or you can save for a higher rate reading.  If you have money to spend, do not be tricked to pay for an expensive reading on the thinking that you are getting ‘a better value or purchase’.  That is just not the case.   As a medium I have just one fee for a session.  If you are a millionaire, I will charge you the same rate that I would if you were on the poverty line.  As a client you are paying for my time.  That time slot is yours; it is yours for spirit communication and they are not concerned with money.  As a medium and it is my job, I am also not concerned about your finances, I just offer a service. I am most concerned that you are comfortable while in the reading and ready to face some grief emotions through the connections that I bring in a session.  If you are in an apartment or a mansion, my fee stays the same.  If you are looking for a great medium who can connect accurately please know that they should not overcharge you just because you can afford it, that is stealing and frankly wrong!  If you are someone who must save up for a while for a session, don’t feel like you need to strive for that popular or expensive medium, some of us are just one rate for all of you.  It makes the connections during that time truthful and unconditional.  That is how it should be.

I hope you enjoyed this tidbit of thought.

Rebecca Anne LoCicero

copyright 11/21/2019