5 ways to Awaken your Intuition in this New Year! ©2019

It is a new year and once again we are all looking forward to having something better come our way with the new year.  A new sense of self awareness that gives us permission to do something different.  To be able to put a new path in front of us is just the way of thinking when we come to a new year.  I know myself that New Year’s resolutions are ‘known to break’ so to put a list together that is unrealistic is just the nature of our way… to make it beyond what we can reach so failure is not so bad.

Well Snap out of that!

There are easy steps to take to start your New Year off with a shift in the right direction!  The first thing to focus on is Awakening your own Intuition.  If you can be aware of your own unique way of connecting with your own life you can bring a spotlight to the new paths you want to see come in your new year.  This is going to start with YOU!

  1. Start with a clear mind.

A clear mind is an aware mind.  To be aware allows for intuition to come in.  A distracted mind that is lying to itself will have a harder time receiving outside intuition.  I am not talking about ‘clearing your mind and trying to meditate’. I am talking about truthfully acknowledging where your state of mind currently is. Start by allowing yourself to be truthful to you!  Do not lie to yourself.  In the privacy of your own mind think about where you are at. To clear the mind is to be clear with your personal thoughts.  Start each day with a ‘check yourself’ moment.  Take 60 seconds to think down your body from head to toe and check how each part of your body is feeling.  First, truthfully acknowledge the good and bad physical feelings you have connected to your body.  Second, truthfully check your emotional status and how you feel about your current moment.  Acknowledge how your emotional being is and consider what you are experiencing.  Take it all into account and continue with your day!  You will then naturally be approaching the next moments of your day with an awareness of where you are at!  That clear mind will then easily recognize a thought or a feeling that is not your own, an intuition to explore!

  1. Focus on your own energy first.

When you are confronted with a feeling that is not your own and it seems that some intuition or psychic energy is coming your way you will recognize it once you have focused on your own energy first.  If you feel the need to ‘check yourself’ again to be sure, do so.  Recognize that the emotions your feeling may not be coming from your own truth.  This is a way to see how you are intuitively feeling someone else’s energy, or the energy of another location affecting your own personal space.  This also allows you to take action on that intuition.  Consider avoiding it or helping with the situation or even following the intuitive energy path to see if it inspires or enlightens you.  Your own energy first!  If it is something not meant for you, you will still be able to see and feel that beforehand if your mind is clear and your focused on yourself.  Follow that intuition only after you acknowledge your own truth of the energy first.  Then you can either mindfully accept or deny that energy into your ‘clear mind’ as something to acknowledge.

  1. Believe you can manifest.

Take that intuitive energy and focus on what you want in this new year.  To have deeper relationships, to reconnect to financial gains, to become a healthier you; and all kinds of wonderful manifesting paths.  If your mind is clear and you are focused on your energy first you will see that what you truthfully want to manifest into your day, week or year will come.  You just must believe it can happen and follow all the intuitive signs that point in the direction of what you truthfully want!  If you want to go on a specific vacation, you can use your intuition to focus on what you want to manifest.  Be clear in your intensions and look for the signs to validate your adventure to come.  When an intuitive energy comes your way to help guide you or help you to focus on where your vacation will be, you must acknowledge it truthfully and take the information in to continue to bring that manifestation to reality.  You cannot ignore what comes your way!  Ignoring intuition does not make it go away, intuition is there, and your clear mind and truthful awareness will show you clearly that intuitive gift of information was for you!  It is believable, once you grab that intuition and see what it can do for you, it is easy to get used to the fact that manifestation is real!

  1. Become aware of your social spaces

In this new year we must accept that our personal energy starts with our clear mind, open heart, physical location and mental status. If you have a strong grasp of that then you have started to awaken your intuition.  You also must consider the locations your energy is connected to.  This does not just mean the physical in this day in age.  Although we feel a sense of security and awareness to our true physical self, we must also consider the internet world.  We also have a strong connection to our ‘social status’.  In this new year we have to be aware that the presence we have on social media becomes a part of the mind energy we are expressing and accepting into our personal space.  Your mind is aware of all the physical connections we have and how we are affected by that.  We also need to understand that every ‘word’ we put out on social media is still an energetic connection to our own selves.  It is an extension of your ‘self’ that people are attaching to.  That attachment is an energy connection.  If you are online, on social media and ‘posting’ your energy all around through words, pictures or comments; you are leaving pieces of yourself out there for others to judge, enjoy and respond to.  Take a moment to ‘check yourself’ online.  Search your name, see where you are located online, it may surprise you to see how your intuitive energy is connected out there.  Check to see if you are allowing more negative into your spaces online then you need to and ‘clean sweep’.  Do not worry about making a disconnect to any aspect of your internet world.  You have permission to stay home on a weekend and be alone… in turn you have permission to cut off the energetic internet relationships and connections. Sometimes letting people, groups or chat rooms go can be a powerfully mind clearing and freeing experience! Just as letting the physical relationships you have with some people in your life go, or at least be limited, you have permission to do the same with the relationship ‘you have’ with the social media you are connected to.  Be Truthful with yourself.  Do you want to be posting online, do you need to share all your thoughts? Are the people you are friends with online enhancing your mental state or bringing clouded judgement to your clear mind?  Use your intuition online and be truthful with yourself as to how the internet is helping or hindering your ability to receive intuition for your manifestation of what you want in this new year!

  1. Trust the outcomes.

In the end you have no other option but to trust the outcomes.  If you are focusing this new year on awakening your intuition you must trust the outcomes and acknowledge them.  This is the pathway to use so you can refocus on the truth of situations. This way you can see how you are making the outcomes ‘what they are’ and focus more on turning them into ‘what you want them to be’.  If you are pleased with the outcomes of your day, then the intuitive guidance and clear mind will show you what you have accepted and what you have accomplished.  If you are not happy with your end results in situations, then you also must truthfully accept that outcome and learn from the situation what happened that caused it to go in the other direction from your desired manifestation.  If you have cleared your mind, and focused on your energy first, you will see the outcome as it was directed.  If you have put yourself on a path to manifest your desires, you will see clearly the intuitive energy that will help you to get there.  If you are aware of your spaces, physically and socially, you will see how you have used what you have put out there to guide you in your direction.  Trusting the outcome is just a simple way of seeing clearly the truthful intuitive energy that is around you, guiding you.


Remember that there are always times when you are aware and awake, guiding your manifestations with truthful paths and still you do not find yourself in the place you wanted to be.  Sometimes the universe is pushing you in another direction.  Sometimes your paths will follow your truthful energy and surprise you with a greater gift then you ever expected!  Sometimes the paths will show you disappointment by roadblocking what you thought you ‘wanted’ and instead you wind up with what you ‘should have’.  These are great lessons, and still grand intuitive energies showing you that anything is possible.  Just start simple.  Follow the 5 steps to awaken your intuition in this new year and see what wonderful things can happen!  Guaranteed your intuition will be stronger with each day of focusing on you!

Thank you,

Psychic Medium, Rebecca Anne LoCicero

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